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Hi all! My name is Sam Peters and I am a Junior at George Mason University. Originally from London, England, my family moved to the suburbs of Chicago when I was 4 years old and have lived there ever since. I am a member of the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Volleyball Team at George Mason and also enjoy producing music in my free time. My online presence prior to this class is fairly average, I would imagine, with the majority of my footprint being split between my social media accounts such as Instagram and LinkedIn. From this class I am hoping to learn about how our digital footprint may be larger than expected, and how I can protect myself and my image from the negative aspects of being active online. The technological skills that we will learn throughout this semester, including the construction of sites like this, are also tasks that interest me.

Here at Mason I am majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in Collaborative Leadership, while also pursuing a minor in Music Technology. Conflict Analysis is a field that spans many disciplines and covers a broad range of topics, which perhaps is why I was initially drawn towards it as I tried to figure out what I wanted to study in college. Originally I thought I wanted to pursue a career in politics or international diplomacy, but my interests have change over the last few years as I have been exposed to different careers and learned more about myself throughout my time here. Currently I am interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer in the entertainment field, aiming to work with musicians and their relationship with record labels and music ownership. Music and creative expression have always been a staple of my everyday life, making it important for me to continue tapping in to this passion as I pursue a professional career. Exploring entertainment law seems like a great way to combine my desire to help and protect others while also continuing to be involved in the music scene.

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Upon initially entering my name in a Google search, the majority of the results were focused on a Republican Congressman with whom I share a name. However, when I searched for “Sam Peters gmu” I was greeted with results that actually involved me. Most of the images and links that appeared were centered around my involvement on the volleyball team, but direct links to my Instagram and LinkedIn profile were also present. I executed the exact same searches in Bing and the results were pretty similar, with my image not appearing on the first page until a keyword was also included. It is pretty wild to think that anybody with access to the web could conduct research on ME with just a few basic searches, which is definitely leading me. to rethink the information that I have made publicly available through my social media accounts. All that aside, I am excited to learn, grow, and research alongside the rest of my classmates throughout the course of this semester!

Sam Peters

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