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Voyant Exercise: Enslaved Narratives

My group came up with the following research question after exploring the text analysis tool Voyant: What was the role of god and religion in the lives of North American Slaves? I chose to take out a lot of the smaller, less important action and filler words in order to focus on terms such that revolved around themes such as “lord”, “god”, and “church”. Overall, I really enjoyed using Voyant as a tool for text analysis because it provided an easy way to pick and choose terms to deeply investigate.

In the context of my research project, computational text analysis acts as a tool for identifying terms and themes that provide background about the general public perception of the Teddy Boys subculture in post-war Britain. As shown in the graphic above, words such as “edwardian”, “rock”, and “gang” consistently appear to be important ideas in literature about this topic. Much of the Teddy Boys national image was drawn from generalized perceptions that the public formed from media and news releases, which would make these sources interesting options for a computational text analysis. It may be beneficial to compare the frequency of certain terms such as “gang” and “violence” in primary news sources from the 1950’s and 60’s to modern secondary sources that discuss the influence of the Teddy Boys from a historical view. Perhaps this would reveal a change in perception about the role of the Teddy Boys in shaping British youth culture as their prominence in society slowly faded away.

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