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  1. Nelson Avatar

    Hey Sam,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Ive never been to England before but I plan on going one day. Not sure if you’re into soccer but I’m an Arsenal fan. If you are into soccer which club from the premier league do you support? I think it’s awesome how you are part of the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Volleyball Team at George Mason. When does the season start? I would love to go support the team.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Nelson. I am a massive lover of the Premier League and have been a big Manchester United fan since I was young. I was born in London so I really should support a local South London club, but I loved Wayne Rooney as a kid so I was drawn towards United. What a season its been so far for Arsenal! Our volleyball season is underway, if you are interested in coming to a game you can find our schedule here: https://gomason.com/sports/mens-volleyball/schedule!

  2. Rachel Teixeira Avatar
    Rachel Teixeira

    Hi Sam! Your website is very visually approving and I love the addition of photos. I have never heard of Conflict Analysis and Resolution so it was interesting to read about that. I hope you succeed in your goal to become a lawyer in the entertainment field. I think one way that the site could be improved is if the navigation at the top (home, patterns, blog, contact) led to separate pages when clicked on. Good job!

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